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A major complaint of home business owners is feeling alone. You wear all of the "hats," especially in the early stages. You are the sales team, bookkeeper, appointment setter, marketing team, and more! It can feel overwhelming.

A successful home business starts with a great idea. But that's just where it begins. There's so much to learn to take your dream from idea to reality. You need to learn about business, technology, time management, marketing, and so much more.

The Home Business Success Community is a supportive membership site for home business owners and people thinking about opening a home-based business. Our members have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!, and we all want to see you succeed with all of us!

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  • Mini-Course 1: Creating Killer Brochures (That Your Prospects Want to Read!)
    A $199 value
  • Mini-Course 2: Developing Media Contacts. Learn how to find just the right reporter/editor for news of your events. It's easier than you can imagine, but SO important. For example, sending art news to the food editor will fast-track your news to the trash heap. Master these easy steps and see your publicity take off! A $99.95 value.
  • Self-Propelled Marketing Academy. A $297.00 value. See below for details.

Self-Propelled Marketing Academy: Stop throwing money away on ads

NOTE: Self-Propelled Marketing Academy is now a FREE BONUS when you join The Home Business Success Community.

After many years of being involved in marketing and advertising, I believe that businesses can learn to do much of their advertising and marketing for themselves.

Self-Propelled Marketing Academy provides a step-by-step guide to help you save thousands of dollars a month and achieve results similar to what you'd get from hiring professional firms to do it for you.

Even if you're not inclined to do your own marketing, learning the tips and tricks of this course will make you more knowledgeable when dealing with marketing and PR pros. 

Hank Eder
PR/Marketing Pro

Do you run a small business?
Here's why you need this course:

Self-Propelled Marketing was created to help small businesses, photographers, artists, musicians, and 
start-up "solopreneurs" improve their media exposure on a shoestring budget.

Stop wasting money on ads and strategies that bring you little or no return. Self-Propelled Marketing puts YOU in control.

Discover what you'll learn below.

What You'll Learn

Newspaper Calendars

Ever held an event and nobody came?
Learn some tricks using newspaper calendars to boost attendance at your events.

Press Releases

In the dark about how to write and send press releases? This six-part section will have you writing and sending press releases like a pro.

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers can be an inexpensive but effective way to spread the word about your event. Discover some effective tips and tricks about flyers. 

More of What You'll Learn

Media Contacts

Learn to know the faces and names of the folks who create news in your area. Finding the right editor or reporter is only the first step.

Your Website

Need a website? Absolutely! This section will help you secure a domain name, choose a webhost to house your site, and other tips.

Paid Advertising

When should you use paid ads?
We look at local special advertising sections, and we explore FB and Instagram advertising.

 About the Instructor

Hank Eder is a marketing professional with a degree in Journalism from the University of Florida. He has worked as a reporter, newspaper editor, and in advertising, public relations, and graphics design.

Hank brings decades of experience into his membership community to help small businesses get press coverage on a small budget. Hank is the host of The Home Business Success Show, which airs Wednesdays at 11 am Eastern time on BizRadio.US, and is available in most major podcast venues.

"It worked for me! Great ideas for those who want to take control of their business advertising and marketing without spending beaucoup bucks."

Mark Lew
Business Owner

Self-Propelled Marketing

Take charge of your publicity and put money back into your own pocket!

Get Self-Propelled Marketing Academy FREE when you join The Home Business Success Community!

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