Postering with flyers to publicize your event

Many people have asked whether posters (flyers) are an effective way to publicize an upcoming event. I always tell them YES! When used wisely, flyers can be successful and cost-effective. 

What do I mean by "used wisely?" Here are a few guidelines.

Flyers are inexpensive to produce, especially if you have a modicum of graphics skills. Some folks use InDesign or other high-end graphics software. Others use Photoshop for "quick and dirty" flyers. There are templates in popular word processing software, too, that let you cut and paste your copy and graphics to create an instant flyer. Keep it simple. Get the point across quickly, and have some pictures or other artwork to keep things interesting. Learn to do a decent job of it yourself; if you have to pay a graphics designer to do your flyer, then it is no longer cost-effective.

Be careful where you put flyers. The best way to use them is to speak to shop owners in your area and ask if you can put them in the window...

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