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Home business success can be a lonely road

A major complaint of home business owners is feeling alone. You wear all of the "hats," especially in the early stages. You are the sales team, bookkeeper, appointment setter, marketing team, and more! It can feel overwhelming. Watch the video below to learn how our Home Business Success Community can help you make the big decisions without feeling so alone.


A blinding flash of the obvious

After spending more than a decade building a home-based business from scratch, I had a blinding flash of the obvious. Home business entrepreneurs often feel alone.

An uphill climb

A successful home business starts with a great idea. But that's just where it begins. There's so much to learn to take your dream from idea to reality. You need to learn about business, technology, time management, marketing, and so much more. It can be overwhelming!

Feeling lost and alone

The biggest complaint from home business owners is that they feel so alone. There are so many decisions to be made, some are day-to-day small details, but some are huge decisions that can cost you a lot of time and money. That's when you don't want to feel lost in the wilderness.

You try to wear all the hats

In a lean startup, like most home businesses, you feel compelled to take on all roles. You're the sales team, the appointment setter, the bookkeeper, the office manager, and the marketing department all rolled up into one. Each decision rests squarely upon... YOU! That's a LOT of responsibility.

A recipe for success

To successfully build and grow your profitable and secure home business, you must have these  things: 1) A safe place to gain the skills you need at your pace; 2) The ability to ask questions and get answers from YOUR peers and from experts; and 3) a place to find  advice, training, and like minds to take your home-based business to the level of success that works for you, no matter how new you are to running your own business.

Find all this and more in The Home Business Success Community.

I built my home business from scratch, nurturing it slowly, bit by bit, and learning from my mistakes. But imagine if I’d had some real guidance and direction, how much more quickly I might have reached this point.

Time to start a community!

So back to my blinding flash of the obvious:  It's time to form a community of like-minded folks looking to make the transition from traditional 9-5 jobs to home-based businesses. And from brick and mortar to virtual business. The time is now!

Your online support community

Listen carefully: You are not alone! The weight of your decisions weighs heavily with nobody around to bounce ideas and share what works and what doesn't. With The Home Business Success Community, we're all in this together. We love to help each other succeed!

Join Now!

A community takes flight, made for and shaped by fellow home-based business owners.

  • Avoid costly, time-sucking mistakes: Learn what works and what doesn't
  • Share best practices and celebrate your successes with our community
  • Learn from the pros – legal and financial experts, business coaches, space designers, and more
  • Help set the direction of instruction by telling us what you'd like to learn
  • Hone your vision with the help of our supportive community
  • Participate in our monthly Zoom meetings, where we deep dive into topics chosen by YOU, our members
  • Join our members-only Facebook group – ask questions and get answers through this exclusive member benefit
  • All for one and one for all!

Join Our Home Business Success Community

Help build our community from the ground up, and get in at the absolute rock bottom price! As a member you will help shape the direction of the community by sharing your feedback on what you'd like to learn in order to succeed on your home business success journey.

"Home Business Success Community membership takes the guesswork out of running a successful business from home. It's a treasure trove of practical strategies and best practices that harness the power of strength in numbers. All that and more."

Managing Member, Incredible Towns, LLC Digital Marketing Agency

"Self-Propelled Marketing Academy courses and memberships always worked for me! The Home Business Success Community is chock full of great ideas for those who want to run a successful home business with the support of already-successful home business owners."

Mark Lew
Business Owner

"The Home Business Success Community is a fantastic resource. It's a place for people to share their experiences and expertise. It's also a place to learn from others. In our Zoom meetings, I have learned several things which I put into practice immediately. Think of them as A-Ha moments. I strongly suggest membership for all who run their own business."

Steve Jencks
Owner, Incredible Towns WNC

"I have been self-employed for over 35 years. Many of those early years were a challenge, since I had never studied business courses and did not understand running a business. I knew that I wanted to own a business without understanding what that meant. The resources that you have put together in the Home Business Success Community would have saved me time, energy, money and gray hair. I applaud your efforts and thank you. I am still learning how to be successfully self-employed. "

Jeff Percival
Owner, Percival Enterprises

"When Hank told me about the Home Business Success Community, I was very interested. I was used to working with a large number of people. Working at home on my own business has been very rewarding but I miss people. With this group Hank curates the connections. He has weekly interviews with other home business owners, meetings with topics we all deal with, and we can connect with other business owners, which is very important. The Home Business Success Community is a great way to connect to other home business owners who are dealing with similar issues being based at home. I like the community for connections, resources and friendships. Thank you, Hank, for bringing us together and curating so much great content. "

Lesley King
Empowerment Coach

Benefits of Membership

A clear direction

A supportive community to test the waters and help you be sure you're on the right path.

Advice from professionals

Videos, blogs, and bi-weekly Zoom sessions with successful home-based pros.

Members-only FB group

A private FB community with Q & A sessions, sharing best practices, and mutual support.


Q: What is meant by home business membership community?
A: It's a members-only coalition of like-minded, success-driven businesses that operate from home-based offices. Members share best practices, dos and don'ts, news ideas, and more. Members are committed to  each other's mutual success.

Q: Are there members who are experts in their fields?
A: Yes. Our vibrant forums will have multiple experts in attendance – an email marketing specialist, a human resources pro, an empowerment coach, an IT specialist for office tech advice, a master business networker, a space designer/organizer, and MORE!

Q: What happens in the members-only Facebook group?
A: Members will be able to ask questions, and they will be answered by like-minded home business entrepreneurs.

Q: What do you cover in your bi-weekly Zoom sessions?
A: Here are some topics we've already covered:
     -  Creating an Email Campaign for Your Business
     -  Developing Media Contacts
     -  All About You: Selling Yourself In a Benefit-Driven Way
     -  Managing Your Facebook Business Page Parts 1 and 2
     -  SEO Basics and Golden Tips
     -  Tech Needs for Home Business
     -  Google My Business Tips and Tricks
     -  The Platinum Rule for Business
     -  Relationship Marketing for Home Businesses
     -  Tips for LinkedIn Marketing
     -  How to Build a High Converting Sales Page, parts 1 & 2
     -  The Storybrand Approach To Your Messaging
     - The ABCs of LinkedIn for Business
     - Hot Online Marketing Trends for 2022
     - Hot SEO Strategies for SERP Dominance
     - The 10-Point Sales Structure for Success
     - 3 Quick & Easy Ways to Multiply Your Profits NOW!
     -  More to come!

Am I a good fit for the Home Business Success Community?

Do you meet any of the following criteria?

  • You work from home (telecommute)
  • You perform a service, such as landscaping, home inspection, on-site car detailing, etc.
  • You are a realtor, insurance broker, attorney, business coach, web designer, business writer, accountant, bookkeeper, or other professional without a brick and mortar location

If you said YES to any of the above, you are a perfect fit for the Home Business Success Community.

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