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A blinding flash of the obvious

Recently, while working from home on a client project, I had a flash of clarity about what the "new normal" that everyone is talking about will look like. Since I have been working from home for more than ten years, this "lockdown" doesn't seem all that different to me. My home-based business is chugging along, full steam ahead. 

A shifting landscape

Previously, while driving in my car, I heard an interview on NPR, in which a researcher spoke of potential permanent changes in the way we all do business. Malls have seen the decline of once-great anchor businesses, and across the country some malls have gone dark completely. 

Big changes coming

In this environment, experts say that many Mom and Pop businesses may not survive a possible recession from this virus-shuttered economy. Not unless they change their fundamental way of doing business.

At home and online

That fundamental change of which he spoke is a shift from conventional brick and mortar to doing business online. If you sell products or services, do that from your website as you begin to transition from working out of an actual physical location. In other words, do business from home.

Time to start a community!

So back to my blinding flash of the obvious: I've been working a home-based business for more than a decade.  It's time to form a community of like-minded folks looking to make the transition from traditional 9-5 jobs to home-based businesses. And from brick and mortar to virtual business. The time is now!

A community takes flight, made for and shaped by fellow home-based business owners.

  • Avoid costly, time-sucking mistakes: Learn what works and what doesn't
  • Share best practices and celebrate your successes with our community
  • Learn from the pros – legal and financial experts, business coaches, space designers, and more
  • Help set the direction of instruction by telling us what you'd like to learn
  • Hone your vision with the help of our supportive community
  • All for one and one for all!

Become A Founding Member of Our Home Business Success Community

Help build our community from the ground up, and get in at the absolute rock bottom price! As a founding member you will help shape the direction of the community by sharing your feedback on what you'd like to learn in order to succeed on your home business success journey.

"Home Business Success Community membership takes the guesswork out of running a successful business from home. It's a treasure trove of practical strategies and best practices that harness the power of strength in numbers. All that and more."

Managing Member, Incredible Towns, LLC Digital Marketing Agency

"Self-Propelled Marketing Academy courses and memberships always worked for me! Great ideas for those who want to run a successful home business with the support of already-successful home business owners."

Mark Lew
Business Owner

Benefits of Membership

A clear direction

A supportive community to test the waters and help you be sure you're on the right path.

Advice from professionals

Videos, blogs, and podcasts from legal and financial experts, and successful home-based pros.

Members-only FB group

A private FB community with weekly live sessions, sharing best practices, and mutual support.


Q: What is meant by home business membership community?
A: It's a members-only coalition of like-minded, success-driven businesses that operate from home-based offices. Members share best practices, dos and don'ts, news ideas, and more. Members are committed to  each other's mutual success.

Q: Will there be members who are experts in their fields?
A: Yes. Our vibrant forums will have multiple experts in attendance – a business attorney, a human resources pro, an empowerment coach, an IT specialist for office tech advice, a master business networker, a space designer/organizer, and MORE!

Am I a good fit for the Home Business Success Community?

Do you meet any of the following criteria?

  • You work from home (telecommute)
  • You perform a service, such as landscaping, home inspection, on-site car detailing, etc.
  • You are a realtor, insurance broker, attorney, business coach, web designer, business writer, accountant, bookkeeper, or other professional without a brick and mortar location

If you said YES to any of the above, your are the perfect fit for the Home Business Success Community.

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