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Are You Tired of Throwing Money Away To Publicize Your Event?

We've all been down that road. You have an important event coming up, and you'd like to spread the word to get a good turnout.

Where do you begin? Do you take out expensive ads in newspapers? If you do, the only certainty is that you will part with hard-earned publicity money; Think about it. How many newspaper ads do you really look at? There's no guarantee your ads will be successful.

Self-Propelled Marketing will show you how to get noticed without spending big bucks. Before you shell out serious moeny on publicity, let us show you some effective ways to spread the word free or at low cost.

How Can I Get Free Publicity?

Have you ever staged an event and nobody came? What a waste of effort, time, and money!

A great place to get free publicity is newspaper calendar sectionsSelf-Propelled Marketing will show you some simple tricks for using free newspaper calendars to boost attendance at your next event.

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Press Releases

Are Press Releases really effective? You bet they are! We once moved one of our clients from obscurity into having her product in the swag bag at an Oscars after-party, just on the strength of a single press release. Is this typical? Hardly. But these things can happen.

Press Releases are a tried and true way to get news out to the press. However, they must be written professionally to be taken seriously!

We'll teach you about Press Releases, both local and regional. Better yet, we'll show you how to write a good press release.

The six-lesson Press Release section of Self-Propelled Marketing could stand alone as a separate course. In fact, it may become one at a future time. Sign up for Self-Protelled Marketing now, and the Press Release Section is included! 

Here's what you'll get:

  • How to make your Press Release event-driven
  • Crafting a headline
  • Adding body copy
  • Resources (photos, videos, and links)
  • Nationwide Press Releases using PR Web
  • Local and regional Press Releases -- where to send them

No need to remain mystified or intimidated by Press Release writing. Get Self-Propelled Marketing today and start writing your Press Releases like a pro!

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Developing Media Contacts

Do you feel clueless about where you should send notice of your upcoming events?

Get to know the names and faces of the folks who write the news in your area. Building a friendly relationship with editors and reporters goes a long way in getting your events noticed.

We'll show you how to find the right editors and reporters in your area and give you some tips about getting to know them.

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Using Flyers for Publicity

Do you have an event coming up? Flyers can be an economical way to get the word out. 

We share some tricks and tips for creating effective flyers and posting them around your town. 

  • How to print flyers
  • Picture size
  • Print resolution
  • Where to post flyers

Get Self-Propelled Marketing and start using flyers with confidence.

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When to Use Paid Ads

Have you ever run expensive newspaper ads and gotten few or no results?

This lesson explores local special advertising sections, as well as Facebook and Instagram online advertising. 

Self-Propelled Marketing shows you how to harness the power of inexpensive, social media advertising.

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Your Website

Do you need a website? Absolutely!

This lesson shows:

  • How to get your domain name (your address on the web)
  • How to find a web host for your site
  • Easy tips and tricks for improving your search engine visibility – also known as SEO, for Search Engine Optimization – so users can find your site on the web

Take the mystery out of starting your website with Self-Propelled Marketing. 

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